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► We make it easy ! We do all of the web site design, development, optimizing and promoting.
     We work together in the process via email, on the phone and with face to face meetings.

► We learn your business, your products, your competition and come up with a promotion strategy
     that is implemented into your web site.

► Free half hour Web Site and SEO consultation - contact

► For proposal and a free estimate, let us know your details - contact 408-979-9504

       Web Site Design & SEO Development Summary

       - An interactive process to maximize results, 
         process starts with background and positioning questionnaire

       - Analysis of your specific business, served market and territory focus

       - Served market analysis for formulating Internet promotion strategy

       - Competitive analysis, used to compare and input to strategy

       - Web design layout/artwork using latest marketing techniques

       - In process development reviews

       - Web site HTML code development using Industry Standards

       - Apply latest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques

       - Extensive Keyword analysis, selection and optimization

       - Track and manage Keyword placement and density

       - Inbound and Outbound Link analysis and generation

       - Help in URL/Domain Name selection (if applicable)

       - Post new web design to your web hosting company

       - Final web site submission to major Search Engines

       - Final web site submission to major Directories (inbound links)

       - Final Search Engine testing, final optimizing (with reports)

       - Monthly ranking reports on Google and Yahoo (3)

       - Monthly web site traffic reports, Google Analytics (3)


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