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PPC Search Advertising     
     Online Advertising with Google (Google Adwords) and Yahoo is very affordable and can produce
     more leads for your business. The ad monthly budget is set by you...and you only pay Google
     when someone clicks on your ads. Running online ads also has an SEO effect because of the
     additional links back to your site. Call us to go over the process, opportunities and pricing to see
     how it can fit into your growth plans.

Keyword Analysis     
     AddedSolutions has powerful industry tools that can help determine the best keywords for your
     business promotion. The tools tell us what words are actually being used to look up companies,
     products, services, information and more - the actual words used and the approximate volume of 
     searches per word. These tools are a must for developing a web site design that ranks high on
     Google, Yahoo and Bing. You can drive more business with the right keywords.

Search Engine Submission     
     Once the web site development is complete, it is time to index (register) the web site with all
     major search engines that apply to your business (only). Caution on using a low cost generic
     service,  they do not tailor this effort to your business which can cause ranking problems and
     email spam. With the successful SEO approach that AddedSolutions uses, it is not necessary
     to submit every month.

Directory Registration
     AddedSolutions has developed a quality list of industry directories that have proven to drive web
     site traffic and improve ranking on search engines. These include Google Directory, Yahoo
     Directory and These Directories create the important inbound links needed to
     rank well. We have perfected the process of registration by using the proper SEO techniques
     for high ranking.

Web Site Analytics
     Tracking who visits your site each week is important to know for your overall search engine
     marketing program. At a minimum, we use Google Analytics to track site visitors information.
     Google offers it for free and it becomes quite helpful if your hosting company has an inferior web
     analytics tool as part of their offering.

SEO Consultant Services
     With years of Search Engine Marketing experience and proven results, AddedSolutions can help
     get your web site in order by analyzing it's current SEO state, then consult with you in making it
     competitive. AddedSolutions' knowledge and tools of the trade are second to none. We take pride
     in staying on top of the latest 2010 SEO techniques by monitoring the activities around the world
     each and every week. Our goal in search engine ranking is to place in the Top 10 on Google,
     Yahoo and Bing.

     We offer SEO training classes for those IT shops and marketing professionals that need help in
     this specialized search engine marketing  area. The normal class is a three hour program with a
     Microsoft PowerPoint slide set. It can be very helpful in staying competitive and knowledgeable on
     the current SEO techniques for top ranking.

Web Site Design Services
     AddedSolutions can put a powerful, professional web site together that promotes your products   
     and services on the Internet by ranking high on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Web site structure,
     navigation and content are key to success in a good design. All the latest marketing 
     and SEO techniques are applied, making it a state of the art high search engine ranking site.

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