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► We work with you, or your marketing and IT team, to make your web design SEO competitive.  
     We work together via email, on the phone and with face to face meetings.

► We learn your business, your products, your competition and together we come up with a
     promotion strategy that is implemented into your website.

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AddedSolutions SEO Services:

1. Existing Web Site Review with detailed front and back end
    analysis with detailed Corrective Action Report

2. Consulting on the latest 2010 SEO techniques

3. Critical Keyword selection, analysis, optimization

4. Web Site copy with integration of Keywords - front / back end

5. Detailed Ranking and Competitive Analysis reports

6. Major Search Engine Submission 

7. Critical Directory registration with latest SEO techniques

8. Internet Link Analysis, Generation and Management

9. SEO - Search Engine Optimization Classes (3 hour module)

10. Manage your ongoing Search Engine and Directory indexing

FREE - Let us run a detailed SEO test on your current Web Site  
to check for proper design, structure and Search Engine
Optimization (SEO).

If you select our (1.) service above, a lengthy report regarding your current web site will be generated providing you with extensive "corrective" actions. It will compare your web site with your competitors and top Search Engine placement companies in your market.

A valuable start to enhancing your business web site.

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AddedSolutions offering SEO Consultant Services to improve search engine ranking
and search engine placement for your business web site.

AddedSolutions offers SEO services to California businesses, serving San Francisco Bay Area,
                       San Jose, Sacramento, Irvine, Los Angeles and San Diego.


              Designing and Developing a Good Business Website

Of the three major search engines in the world market today, Google is by far the leader and has the largest following at over 65% worldwide market share. It is important when designing and developing a business website to follow the Google's Webmaster guidelines. As you read the guidelines you will see that they make perfect sense......and yes, it takes a lot of time and business research to do a good job.

It should payoff doing it right. Having good content is the most important component of your new want to try and help or educate your online audience as much as possible. Show that your business knows what it is doing and is an expert in your specific trade or service.

Today, designing a good website that major search engines rank well is not easy, following good SEO techniques is a must. Making the task more interesting is the fact that the search engines are constantly changing their spider algorithms to improve the Internet searchers experience.
Providing fresh and interesting web page content is critical....providing it fast is just as important (download speeds).

This year, Google made some major algorithm changes (called Panda) to improve their search content.....and it's working well. Much of the SPAM that was being shown in the Top 10 has now been weeded out. But this major change has a large impact on all business websites - old and new. Some old websites are needing to clean-up their design and implementation to regain their Top 10 rankings. New sites are having to invest more into a good quality website that stands well against all the new guidelines.

AddedSolutions can help your business in this sophisticated search engine optimization world. We understand what is needed to design a proper business website. So give us a call and let's work together in promoting your company and business online.

There are no garantees to being in the Top 10 on Google, Yahoo or Bing....nor can anyone guarantee volumes of traffic visiting your site, BUT this should not stop a business from implementing all the right SEO techniques along with building a professional, interesting site
that searches want to visit.

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