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 Our solutions and recommendations have helped many private and public
    companies grow their business.

Developing a Business Plan

            Creating a Sales Plan

Identifying a Marketing Plan

             Launching a New Product

Expanding Product Awareness


Increasing Product Revenues

            Increasing Service Revenues

Landing a Major Account

            Starting a Reseller Channel

Increasing Company Branding


Business, Sales and Marketing Plans, SEO Services, SEM and more...
Specializing in improving Search Engine Ranking
Marketing & Sales Consultant Services
 Helping to Grow Your Business
Marketing & Sales Consultant Services
AddedSolutions has years of experience
      in the High-Tech business sector

AddedSolutions has developed many in depth marketing and sales plans that have landed millions of dollars of new business for companies - one example - a $180M single new contract win with Apple Computer (took 9 months from start to finish !).

We can help you generate new business, increase revenues....with fresh ideas and innovative strategies.

Consultant & Contract Services,
helping to grow your business

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