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Developing a Business Plan

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Increasing Product Revenues

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Landing a Major Account

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Increasing Company Branding

            Expanding Product Awareness

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Drive More Business and Increase Your Online Visibility
                 with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Today, all businesses should be focusing on Search Engine Optimization (SEO is improving
your website page visibility on Internet searches with Google, Yahoo and Bing ). We have
been concentrating on this service to help drive more business for our clients.

As more people go online to look for services and products, whether it be for information, research or purchase, it becomes critical to have a business web site that people can find.
In an Internet search, your web site should display on the first page of the search result
pages, thus being in the Top 10 for optimum visibility.

Our 6 years of experience in this specialized field have made us SEO experts in applying
the latest 2011 SEO techniques and services to new or existing web sites. We can be your
web site SEO consultant for your existing web site, or you can let us develop a completely
new business web site with integrated SEO services.

Our expertise has enabled us to place all of our SEO clients in the Top 10 on Google, Yahoo and Bing search engine rankings. Each week AddedSolutions is staying current on the
latest SEO techniques by getting online and doing worldwide SEO research to monitor the latest search engine marketing trends to ensure proper search engine ranking and placement.

Specializing in improving Search Engine Ranking
Marketing & Sales Consultant Services
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Marketing & Sales Consultant Services
SEO and Web Design Services
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AddedSolutions has years of experience
      in the High-Tech business sector

AddedSolutions has developed many in depth marketing and sales plans that have landed millions of dollars of new business for companies - one example - a $180M single new contract win with Apple Computer (took 9 months from start to finish !).

We can help you generate new business....with fresh ideas and innovative strategies.

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Traditional Contract Services,
helping to grow your business
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